Xamarin how-to is set up to share examples of how to achieve different things when developing using Xamarin. The idea isn’t purely “Xamarin” but the whole development experience using it and the things that trip up developers on occasion.

We’ve all been in a situation where something is frustrating us that should be simple and found ourselves being “Google Programmers”. Hopefully some of the articles on this site will help you with day-to-day or even just hobbyist endeavours.

I myself have relied on various sources to get out the dozens of projects I have over the years, and I hope that sharing some of the issues I’ve come up against or simply things I’ve wanted to play around with for fun, are useful to some of you out there.

Additionally, if there’s a topic you think Xamarin developers could know more about, or if you want some specialised help on a particular project, please feel free to reach out using the Request Article and Get Help pages.

If you have something you think would be useful to the Xamarin community as well, I encourage you to get in touch at hello@xamarinhowto.com to discuss contributing yourself.

Matt Crombie, Xamarin how-to Founder