Distributing a lot of test versions of apps comes with the territory of being an app developer. There’s no way around it. Whilst Microsoft App Center has made cross-platform distribution pretty straight forward and painless, there are times when the individual platform methods come in to play.

One thing I do is run a nightly “production” build pipeline that submits apps to App Store Connect for Apple/iOS and Google Play for Android so that the technical checks done by each platform are done regularly. This also means I can get a version as close to the release candidate as possible out to testers and address any issues found by either quickly.

Something that has always be a hassle with Apple is remembering to login to App Store Connect and provide the export compliance, which in the vast majority of cases is just ticking off that an app uses HTTPS and that it’s exempt from the Apple/US Government requirements. Whilst this isn’t too labour intensive, as programmers I firmly believe that if we can be lazy and automate something, it’s our sworn duty to do so.

Instead of logging in for every build and going through the 3 step process every single time:




We can very simply just add the following to the Info.plist and go straight to testing for every submission:



And that’s it, a really quick way to avoid a couple of minutes every build there by gaining valuable time to work on something more interesting or duck out a bit early on a Friday.